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1 Clearview Gardens Cooperative Association Whitestone, Queens
2 La Harve Owners Corp. Whitestone, Queens
3 Home Depot Residential Installation Services N.Y.C. Metro
4 Metro Management of L.I.C. Long Island City, N.Y.
5 Brite Building Services N.Y.C. Metro
6 Northern Management (The Camelot) Jamaica, N.Y.
7 Kartsonis Realty Holdings Long Island City, N.Y.
8 P.S.C.H./Well Life of NY N.Y.C. Metro
9 Agee Plumbing and Heating Whitestone, N.Y.
10 Positive Connections Electric Corp. N.Y.C. Metro
11 A.S.P.C.A. of NY Glendale/N.Y.C.
12 New York Disaster Interfaith Services N.Y.C. Metro
13 Long Island Long Term Recovery Group Nassau/Suffolk
14 Stephen Siller’s Tunnel to Towers Foundation N.YC. Metro
15 Friends of Rockaway’s Rockaway’s, N.Y.
16 Catholic Charities N.Y.C. Metro
17 Lutheran charities N.Y.C. Metro

Addition contact information and residential home owner references available upon request.