April 22, 2005

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to let prospective customers of Whitestone
Contracting know how highly I regard the company. Whitesone Contracting
to my rescue after my house experienced a terrible accident. Two trees
on my home and garage causing serious and terrible damage. Whitestone
contracting acted quickly and expeditiously. They were honest and
forthright. Their workers were excellent, polite and helpful and the
of their work was superb.

The owners helped me deal with the insurance adjustors and engineers
and any
request I made was fulfilled. I highly recommend Whitestone Contracting
anyone needing work done in the home. Choosing Whitestone Contracting
is the
correct choice for any consumer. They were truly a pleasure to work
with and
my home looks better than new.


Leslie Topper

Michael Gilbert

143-50 Hoover Avenue Apt. 602

Briarwood, NY 11435

November 11th, 2005

Mr. Robert Kapovic

Mr. Rene Roth

Whitestone Contracting Associates Inc.

123-11 18th Avenue

College Point, NY 11356

Dear Rob and Rene,

I would like to take this opportunity and a moment of your time to thank you for a
wonderful experience. We have been considering a remodel to our bathroom for a
long while and have heard so many stories of bad experiences. I am proud to say
that from the first day you entered my home, there was a feeling of comfort and trust.
I have to admit, I was prepared for the worst but am amazed at the result. I can’t
thank you enough for the care you took to the rest of our home, the protection to our
furniture, newly finished hard wood floors and walls, and the concern everyone
employed by your company exhibited. Not only that, but also the politeness and
respect that your entire staff has for your clients. It was truly a great experience and I
will employ your company again in the future and recommend you to everyone I
know, as I have already done.

The best part is that we now have the most outrageous bathroom in Queens. I would
have never believed that it would look as it does. Friends and family have remained
speechless after seeing the design and workmanship. Kudos to you and your
company for your attention to detail. I know that I was very particular in my direction,
but in every case, the plan was followed out and delivered. In addition, only having
one bathroom, time was of essence and you delivered an operational bathroom as
you promised. What more can we have asked for.

In closing, I would like to thank you both again for a wonderful experience. You were
both a pleasure to work with and we will have future dealings together.

Very truly yours,

Gerry Caputo  
September 22, 2009

Whitestone Contracting
123-11 18th Ave.
College Point, NY  11356

Dear Rene,

I lived in my apartment for 5 years and interviewed many
contractors before deciding on Whitestone. I’m so happy I waited.

You were the only contractor to understand the vision I had for
the renovation but more importantly, you executed it perfectly.  
You worked patiently with me on every detail even when I made
design changes. You remained calm and professional through out
it all. We discussed any budget adjustments in advance thereby
eliminating any surprises.

Your team of craftsmen was highly skilled in every aspect of the
job, even down to the final clean-up. They adhered to the
requirements of the Coop board with arrival and departure times
and noise levels.

Needless to say, the apartment looks absolutely fabulous; it has
created quite a “buzz” around the building with neighbors wanting
to get a “peek”.

You’ve made it a place I hate to leave, but love to come home to.

Again, many thanks.

Iris Crews
Dear Rene

We knew that any renovation would be a daunting task but actually
doing it and surviving it is quite a feat . Thank you for completing the
project with us.
Balancing the original design, the technical problems and the Co-op
restrictions and most of all the estimated budget was quite a challenge
and your cooperation and decisiveness and prompt response helped
tremendously toward achieving our goal. The project was finished on
time and the crew's behavior was professional. After completion your
quick response to some unfinished business and minor details was
most appreciated.
Good luck to you and your enterprise.

Yours truly

Cecelia & Gus Auyeung
Oct 6 2009
From: Mbalterkap@
To: GCaputoBRCoop@
Sent: 4/6/2011 3:38:13 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Unbelievable!

Hi, Gerry!
I will eventually write a formal letter to the board, and cc. it to Jerry and
Whitestone, but I wanted to write this email to you, personally, because I know
you were our savior and miracle worker! The men from Whitestone, including
project manager Rich Harlow, did an incredible job, from start to finish. They
were polite, efficient, did beautiful and impeccable work, and cleaned up
beautifully before they left. I was blown away by their work ethic and their
craftsmanship - qualities, unfortunately, that are rare nowadays. I actually had
a good cry when I surveyed the result after they left - it was much more than I
expected! I almost dropped dead when I saw the bedroom wall adjacent to the
bathroom had been repaired. I had no idea that was included! Rich Harlow
even gave me his card and asked me to call if I had any problem or
questions. Whitestone is totally worth whatever they charge - and more!!!
I was told that Ruperto will be completing the work, and will most likely come
tomorrow to put up the shower door after it dries and repair the wall in the
main bathroom. Then I will finally be back in business!!! Please don't hesitate
to come down and take a look at the results. After all, you are responsible!
Thank you, Gerry, from the bottom of my heart...
P.S. You'll probably see many of the same descriptive words in the formal
letter I send to the board - but you saw them first!